Cryptocurrency TFULE Breaks into Bull Run: 83% Gain in 3 Hours

Theta Fuel (TFUEL), a second token of the Theta Network, breaks into a full-blown bull run on 23rd midnight. In a short time period of 3 hours, the digital currency has gained up to 83% values. Traders who were managed to caught the bullish signal before its sharp upward moves managed to make a profit of up to 90% within a few hours.

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What is Theta Network?

It is a blockchain-based content delivery platform. Theta Network offers high-bandwidth content delivery using decentralized technology. The mainnet of this network supports Samsung VR, Silver.TV and MBN. TFUEL and THETA are the proprietary digital tokens issued by the network.

This platform has extensive usage in tackling many streaming and data transfer obstacles. Theta Protocol offers enhanced bandwidth and transfer speed for smooth streaming in high quality.

Closing note

TFUEL is being started to be used as payment for transactions and smart contract deployment, hence raising its value. After the mainnet launch on March 15th, Binance is the first exchange to list this token. The recent spike in its price is mainly attributed to its increased influence in streaming and the esports industry. The currency is still moving upward, and the technical indicators show a minor positive movement before the bears take control.

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