uTorrent 2020 – [Latest HD] Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil Movies Free

uTorrent is an application that allows you to download unlimited free movies and games. Its high speed and reliability make it better than other applications of its kind. uTorrent has been programmed in a way that makes it use only a few resources to carry out its primary tasks. It means that even as you use the application to download movies and games, your memory won’t get exhausted with time. 

With its use of bit Torrent protocol, uTorrent allows its users to download all kinds of files. Most especially Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi Dubbed, TV serials or all other types of movies and games. There’s even a search feature included for locating the things you want to download. Another thing that makes uTorrent stand out is the compatibility it offers. uTorrent got initially built to be compatible with magnet links. That makes it possible for you to avoid malicious applications as the download is not made directly to your device.


Among all uTorrent’s exciting features, one of the best is the simultaneous download of more than one file. That is, you can download many movies or games on your device without interrupting each other. On uTorrent, interrupted downloads also tend to restart at a fast speed. If a download gets canceled as a result of any issue, the download speed will increase when it starts again. There is also a subscribe feature present on uTorrent. This feature makes it possible to subscribe to feeds to get torrents of your interest regularly. 

Available Contents on uTorrent 

uTorrent could be a gateway to free high-quality content. it is a perfect platform for entertainment seekers. As you can easily download the latest to classic movies from different genres such as Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Hindi Dubbed, Latest Releases, etc without spending a penny. Also, you can opt to download movies in different qualities as uTorrent offers movies in Full HD or 1080p, HD or 720p, 480p to other low quality, and supported format of videos. Moreover, you can also download popular games like The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto series, Counter-Strike, Battlefield Need for Speed and much more popular and recently launched games. In short via uTorrent, you have access to a world of unlimited entertainment free of cost. No sign-up, no registration, no personal information, and no credit card. All you need to download its application and the free world of entertainment is at your fingertips. 

How to set up uTorrent? 

A few things need to get done in order to have this app running on your device. First of all, you visit the official uTorrent website. Then navigate to “word Download uTorrent” and click on it. It might prompt you to select your operating system. If it does, select it so as to proceed with the download process. Then navigate to your download folder and check for “utweb_installer.exe.” 

utorrent download

It is important to note that your download folder is not always the same. It depends on the path you choose to save it when download starts. Some browsers save in the default download folder, while others prompt users to decide where they want their files saved. You can now go-ahead to launch the downloaded file. Immediately it is launched, a series of questions will follow in succession. 

To install it successfully, you’ve to accept all the terms and conditions offered to you until the finish is displayed. It is also essential to know that all advertising software up during set up should be declined as it might delay the installation process. For iOS users, things will be a little bit different. First of all, downloaded files can only be launched on the official website. Launch it and reject all advertisements to speed up the installation process. 

After installation, uTorrent will operate in its default setting as nothing has been edited. The default setting is the original setting that has not been changed in any way. In order to make things easier for yourself, you’ve to perform a test on the applications. It is a quick test, so it will not waste your time. The purpose of the test is to calibrate the software to run smoothly on your internet. 

Important Features of uTorrent 

uTorrent allows you to easily share data by creating torrents. To do this, you navigate to file to create a new torrent. Then you add a directory; it is vital to add a directory to be able to share files. 

With uTorrent, downloading torrent files has also been made easier and faster. Either you’re downloading movies or games; you have to search for torrent, include to uTorrent, and configure. Immediately you configure, a new Add New Torrent screen will appear. The display shows the content inside the torrent and the download options available. 

Torrents can be downloaded with the use of RSS feeds. These are feeds from web servers that enable automatic download of torrents. In order to do this, you need to first add an RSS feed. After that, click on options in order to edit and save your filter settings. 

One of the essential features of uTorrent is remote. It enables the application users to be able to take charge of the program with the help of a browser. After you successfully login to your uTorrent account, several exciting features gets displayed on the desktop. You can even launch your games from there. 

New YTS and YIFY links to download free latest movies 

  • yts.am 
  • yify-movies.net 
  • www4.yify.is 
  • yts.bypassed.wtf 
  • yify.live 
  • yifymovies.me 
  • yify.rocks 
  • yts.unblocked.llc 
  • ytss.unblocked.si 
  • yts.unblocked.vet 
  • yts.pm 

Steps to Download Free Latest Movies and Games 

First of all, uTorrent needs to have been successfully installed on your computer before you can download it. So if not, read how to set-up uTorrent above. So now that you’ve uTorrent running effectively on your system, downloading movies has never been easier. Run the application and search for the torrent file of your movie. 

To reduce stress, you can decide to visit torrent sites. It enables you to locate your torrent file faster and easier. After finding, download on your device and switch to full window upon completion. Now you’ve to launch uTorrent and add the torrent file. You will be asked to select a folder, browse for the folder you want your movie saved and select it. 


Upon selection, the download starts. Download time varies on a number of different factors. The two most important factors are an internet connection and file size. Download time will be less in areas with high-speed internet connection while it tends to be low where internet connection is weak. The small size also means download time will be short as it won’t take the computer much time, unlike files with large capacity. 

Upon completing the download, open the folder you downloaded your movie. The downloaded movie will be set and ready to be played. 

Available uTorrent Versions 

Just like any regular software out there, uTorrent comes in two versions. The free and paid versions. It is essential to know that there’s a slight difference between them. The commercial version needs to be paid for, as it is a little bit better than the free version. The only difference between both of them is that adverts are not displayed on the paid version. This slight difference is why most people prefer the free version as there’re basically no significant improvements to the paid ones. 

Also, uTorrent is available on Web if you wish to download latest movies without installing uTorrent application on your system, you can use below link to download your favorite movies directly from your browser.

uTorrent Web

Alternatives to uTorrent 

  • Bitorrent 
  • uTorrent
  • Deluge 
  • Vzue 
  • Movies4me 
  • Tamil rockers 
  • Tixati 
  • The Pirate Bay 
  • Kickass Torrent 
  • Movie4K 
  • YTS 
  • YIFY 

How to Safely Download Movies from uTorrent?  

uTorrent takes users to the websites from where you can download the torrent files and subsequently download Movies or games from the app. Although the uTorrent is relatively safe to use, the website it redirects to download the torrent files for Lastest Movies and Games contains malicious contents and Ads. Most of the time, the website hosts movies, send the user to another website with malware or dubious contents that can harm the system.  

uTorrent usages unethical means to provide a free flow of the latest movies and games. And hence, most of the torrent websites are marked illegitimate by most of the national government. Accessing these websites is an illegal act according to the law of most countries. However, there are safe ways to access these websites and eliminate the risk of getting infected by any unwanted and harmful content. 

It is highly recommended to use free VPNs and adblockers to ensure you are not living your digital footprints to get tracked by the Internet provider or any other authority. VPN will hide your correct IP address saving you from getting identified. While Ad blockers will prevent the auto-redirect to malicious websites and therefore saving you from getting any malware or virus unknowingly. 

Legal Implications Associated with uTorrent 

As we know, uTorrent resort on many unethical and illegal sources to get free contents worth of thousands of dollar, the government authority highly discourage users to utilize uTorrent to download free movies and games. Many countries have laid out cyber laws to prevent people from downloading free movies and other content from these websites. In precise words, the use of uTorrent is illegal in many countries and users can be penalized for the same. Considering the legal implications, we also not recommend users to access torrent websites to download free contents.

We greatly recommend users to pay for the copyright contents. Also, we encourage to buy the entertainment to support the original creator and empower them to create more great content.  

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